This is Your Peace Corner:
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About Shu Jin

I strive to promote well-being through providing a free and protected space, establishing a safe relationship that honors who you really are, and guiding you to reconnect with your authentic self by creating a strong mind, body, and spirit connection. I believe everyone has the capability to thrive by tapping into their inner wisdom.

I believe that the struggles and difficulties serve a purpose: to provide us with the chance to reveal authenticity and completeness in our life. Life seems to be falling apart when you focus on the broken pieces. I will help you see how they will come together to form the whole. As an integrative therapist, I take ideas from existential, Jungian, systems, and trauma-informed approaches to understand your story and figure out what we can do together.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

– Carl Jung –



我是一名心理咨询师(美国国家认证咨询师 NCC,华盛顿州注册心理咨询师 LMHC)




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