What if I don’t dream?

Everybody dreams. Laboratory dream research has established the fact that everyone has about five dream periods per night. During the dream, the eyes move very rapidly behind the closed eyelids (rapid eye movement). 

If you are the person who thinks, I never dream. Maybe you just don’t remember your dreams. The good news is that with specific recalling techniques and regularly keeping a dream journal, you will be able to catch your unique dreams and discover their healing and creative power. 

Why do we work with dreams?

In modern society, we tend to let our ego take control all the time. We neglect the life of our soul. Dreams are the easiest way to access our souls. They always tell us something we didn’t already know. By listening to and receiving the messages that dream makers send us, we can find different ways to perceive our life or even find solutions to something that seems trapped. 

Sometimes we compartmentalize things to avoid painful feelings. However, we become unwell when we remain cut off. By working with dreams, we start to make connections and integrate our experiences, to find a way to expand and strengthen our ego capacity. 

The dream is the bridge between rational thinking and primal instinct. In ancient times, our ancestors believed so strongly about the power of dreams to foretell the future and offer advice, and they even had rituals to incubate their dreams. Listening to both sides helps us avoid one-sidedness and navigate life’s journey better. 

Furthermore, dreams are powerful sources for many artists, writers, musicians, and scientists to get creative ideas and insights. 

What do you expect in dreamwork?

We explore the meaning of dreams through mythology, symbols, archetypes, personal experiences, and artworks that engage us through our imagination and soul. 

We contemplate what each dream element means to you, by engaging in associations of each element and find parallels between the associations and your waking life. 

We may engage in active imagination to deepen the experience and tap into the transformative energy when our conscious meets the unconscious. 

Dreams have various layers and meanings. We do not focus on the right or wrong interpretation of a dream but on the process itself. I find people benefit more when they dive into the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, rather than attempting to come up with a single, unique meaning for a dream.